I have it on my computer, Android device and my Linux computer and I love some of the features it has. It  has all these special settings where you can Auto reconnect, enable IPv6,  flea prevention and enable a kill-switch torrenting is allowed on it and they don’t keep logs and some of the things about it is what actually convinced me to buy it was on TV. Web.com they explained that there are no logs, unlimited bandwidth and excellent scheme which has been shown so far and they allowed to work thing and there’s no dcma response. Some other big reasons why I want to get it would be to prevent getting hacked while on public Wi-Fi access websites and media without restrictions.  Stop internet service providers from spying and throttling your speed based on usage keep your online presence and information private.

Ipvanish provides a secure environment for everyday use. I haven’t really I noticed that much of a difference from since I’ve been using this compared to regular internet but I guess it’s going pretty good so far. The main reason I need it is because if you’re ever downloading torrents and stuff and then all of a sudden you get a notification email and it says it has come to our attention that you downloaded season 2 American Horror Story blah blah blah and then you have to KV p.m. and then that’s what happens but stop geo-targeting in its tracks. You can use voice over IP with ipvanish and see what is your country of origin to keep long distance calls lower bypass censorship Security on the go on your Android device and stay secure anywhere and everywhere. Use public Wi-Fi and all your internet access is encrypted International censorship and corporate firewalls prevent you from accessing many of the websites you go out at home so you can bypass the what-do-you-call-it web for the guard web filtering and also prevent deep packet inspection to limit your download speed when your downloading music and stuff so far it’s been going pretty well and it’s very fast and I will give it 5 stars. This works great with kodi as it sets you up with their fastest servers and maintains your identity secure. Also, bypasses the geo block for movies and live tv. So stream away!

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