Since the beginning of time, or if nothing else since 2008 when it was called XBMC ( Xbox Media Center or Xbox Media Player) each discharged adaptation has gotten a code name beside the rendition number. Giving every advancement emphasis a code name in a specific class is somewhat of a custom that is material for programming as well as for equipment. Google does as such for Android, Intel and NVIDIA additionally names their chips. Why should we break this custom and all things considered we follow in their progressions with a topic that began with legendary places or names. For our v17 release we really let people in general, pick the name and and they picked the name “Krypton”.

Thinking back so far at what our little group of designers has done to the code, the name Krypton positively gives a specific accentuation to it that fits. As you may have seen it required entirely some investment before we turned out with our first Kodi v17 alpha 2 (sorry that we skipped alpha 1) and we have some great purposes behind that. Quite a long while back we set a way that we needed to enhance our code base rather than simply slapping on new elements and this discharge will positively be no special case to that objective. Certain parts of our code experienced a complete redesign or now and again even experienced a blender to be practically modify from the beginning.


How do I upgrade from v16 to v17?


ANDROID USERS: Don’t uninstall an earlier version of Kodi/XBMC before installing the new version. Uninstalling first would remove all of your settings. Just install the new version and it will replace the older version and retain your settings.
  • In most cases you can just install Kodi v17 over Kodi v16. All your settings and library are saved and will continue to work in the new version. See Installing for specific install instructions.
  • Most basic (video, audio, etc) add-ons that worked in Kodi v16 should still work in v17.
  • If you have any issues (settings not being copied over, blank screens, etc) when updating from versions older than v14: remove the new version, install the older version of Kodi/XBMC from http://mirrors.kodi.tv/releases/ , and then upgrade to the next version. In other words, if you have v14, first install v15 and run Kodi, Quit Kodi and then install v16 and run Kodi. Quit Kodi again and install v17, then run Kodi.

IPV 300X250 (set 8)

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