VPN And The Millitary

VPN And The Millitary


We have to talk about how the internet was created and what it was created for in the the first place. now as we discussed before the other networking classes internet was created by the US military so that we could try to maintain Communications during a time of massive nuclear attack so you know when you  you go to the movies and he said he’s moving out movies about Armageddon or you know a nuclear bomb going off in New York City with the military was worried about what happened what happened,  what would happen in the United States.


IPV 300X250 (set 8)

VPN connection to the workers to securely connect to the corporate Network tutorials designed to explain basically how a VPN works even in the early days of computers organizations wanted to send data from one place to the other one example might offend you might have a very large University and has the main frame computer and there’s another University some distance away and it just has to turn on the candles for the Mainframe that wants to be able to send information to the Mainframe to be executed and then get to get the back well the only way these were physically connected together was to the telephone system so people used to use least or called least lines if you wanted any type of connection which was I guarantee you could have used the basic phone system will you dial.

But that wasn’t quite as good as having some of the dedicated line so in the early days connecting organizations or remove user that was to be connected to an organization that was done through lines one of the problems with his expense so one type of line which two organizations could connect together with something called a T1 line and he won at a rate of 201.544 megabits per second not much by today’s standards but a line like that locally might have cost you $300 a month and if you were trying to connect organizations from see one side of the United States to another using a T1 line you can pay $8,000 a month so the least one concept is good for the telcos but was pretty expensive for organizations so what happened is a new technology called virtual private networking virtual private networking was a way to securely connect one organization in one area to another remote area and do it in a secure fashion that was the whole purpose behind virtual private networks and security building from one place to the other two technologies

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